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3 years ago
Heat conduction tuning by wave nature of phonons

... on track!

The world communicates to our senses of vision, hearing, and touch in the language of waves, because light, sound, and even heat essentially consist of microscopic vibrations of different media. The wave nature of light and sound has been extensively investigated over the past century and is now wid...

3 years ago
Surprise! The proton is lighter than we thought

Our "world" is full of surprises...

New measurement could help explain a mystery of the universe

3 years ago
Resonance Science Foundation

Getting closer...@BuckyFullerInst #Benoît B.Mandelbrot @NassimHaramein

"Buckminster Fuller explained to me once that because our world is constructed from geometric relations like the Golden Ratio or the Fibonacci Series, by thinking about geometry all the time, you could organize and harmonize your life with the structure of the world." – Einar Thorsteinn

"Fractal geometry is not just a chapter of mathematics, but one that helps Everyman to see the same world ... See more

3 years ago
Rob Townsend

This guy doesn't need a larger than life kit...

Rob Townsend Rob Townsend is one of those drummers who have garnered less recognition than they should have done. In fact, he fits the idea behind Mike Dolbear’s Drumming Icons to a T – celebrating those British drummers we may have forgotten in the headlong onslaught to

3 years ago
Docenti e Corsi 2017

...avanti tutta! #EnricoBronzi

Durante tutta la durata del Festival, per eventuali manutenzioni e messa a punto degli strumenti ad arco, contattare il maestro liutaio Nicola Vendrame (mob. +39 339 1783266)

3 years ago
Punch Brothers, I’m With Her, and Julian Lage Hit the Road this Summer on American Acoustic Tour

Don't miss 'em! @punchbrothers @imwithherband @ julian_lage
You can't get much better...

By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers A dream team of younger generation acoustic musicians, including Punch Brothers, I’m With Her, and Julian Lage, is hitting the road this summer for a tour called American …

3 years ago
Cern, scoperta la particella Xi: "Inseguita da anni, ci aiuterà a capire cosa tiene insieme la materia"

against all odds...

La scoperta, annunciata nella conferenza della Società Europea di Fisica in corso a Venezia è avvenuta grazie all'acceleratore più

3 years ago
Carlos Santana

What more to say?! @SantanaCarlos

We are at the point in time
Where we see clearly
Faith is a blessing use it
Miracles are tangible apply them
The Fifth Dimension is accessible enter it
Help assist the ushering of global revelation
Awake now to your own light be free from fear frequency
Religion and politics are the bars in a cell that keep you prisoner
You are and own the key your light will see you through
3D Dimension ... See more

Wayne Shorter at 40:45